McDonald Painting Contractors at Cheshire Oaks Shopping Outlet

Recently we have been working hard at Cheshire Oaks Shopping Outlet. If you have visited lately, you may have noticed all the hoarding boards around the parking area. Hopefully you thought they were looking nice and shiny with a fresh coat of glossy paint. We have been very busy painting them!

Cheshire Oaks Shopping Outlet is expanding. McDonald Painting Contractors were chosen to help keep the area looking as nice as possible despite the on-going construction. With the amount of shoppers visiting every single day, needless to say our amazing local shopping outlet needs to be kept freshly painted and looking good all year round. We have been working both day-time as well as night-time in order to not disrupt the shopping experience.

McDonald Painting Contractors are always looking for new local projects, big or small. Helping to improve Cheshire Oaks Shopping Outlet has been an absolute pleasure. We can’t wait for the new shops to open, and hope to return to Cheshire Oaks for more painting work soon!

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