5 ways to transform your home – with a splash of paint!

Wondering how to refresh your home? Here’s a few tips from a decorating point of view…

1. Create a feature wall in your living room

A very easy and hassle-free way to spice up your living room is to create a feature wall. Choose a wall colour or wallpaper that you love, add some wall lamps, beautiful frames in different sizes with photos and posters – anything you like!

In smaller rooms, it doesn’t always work to have too much going on on every wall, as it may make the room feel smaller than it is. That’s why a feature wall is a great way to add style and personality to a room without making it feel cramped. Let the other walls be more or less plain and focus on your feature wall to make the room look & feel nice and cosy.

Whether you fall in love with a beautiful Farrow & Ball colour or decide to go for some new gorgeous wallpaper is entirely up to you – the options are endless, so take your time before you make up your mind!

A grey feature wall in a home

2. Have your kitchen sprayed

If your kitchen is still in good condition, but you’ve changed your mind about the colour or finish, we are right here to give it a makeover! Have your kitchen feel brand new with a fresh new colour and a different finish by having it sprayed. That way you don’t have to spend a fortune on new units, and you avoid the hassle and high cost of removing the old kitchen and having the new one fitted.

You’ll still have that amazing feeling of a new kitchen, plus you can choose exactly the colour you want. When you’re looking for a new kitchen, it doesn’t always come in the colour you really want – that’s why spraying it is a brilliant way of making it unique and suit your personal style.

3. A new colour scheme for your bedroom

You’ll be amazed what a difference it can make to have your bedroom redecorated, and adding a couple of new cushions, new bed sheets and a luxurious throw to your bed. Try mixing and matching different shades with a couple of bold colours as well as different fabrics. It really doesn’t take much to give your bedroom a quick makeover and it can be lots of fun playing around with colours and fabrics to find out what you like!

For inspiration, you can always request a colour chart from us to compare and match. Should you require any guidance or advice regarding finishes and colour combinations we are here to help you decide.

Fabrics and colour chart for your home

4. New wallpaper in hall, stairs & landing

The hall, stairs & landing area is usually the first thing you see entering your home – you want to make that a good impression! Keeping it tidy, nice and fresh looking is key to instantly feeling good when you come home after a long day – or, to impress any visitors! New wallpaper is a great way to give your hall, stairs & landing a new look and completely change the first impression stepping into your home.

5. Have your furniture hand painted

Considering replacing your old solid wood furniture for something different? There’s no need to replace your sturdy old furniture to change the style and feel of the room. We offer hand painting and spraying of furniture, which is a fantastic way to revive older furniture. If it’s in decent condition, there’s really no need to get rid of it. We’ll take care of any marks or scratches we come across, so that it’ll look & feel as good as new.

Just pick your favourite colour and finish and let us do the rest! A fresh new colour and beautiful finish can go a long way to brighten up the whole room for years to come.

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Jaunty Goat coffee shop decorated by McDonald Painting Contractors

Last week Chester’s first 100% plant-based cafe opened! The first Jaunty Goat in Bridge Street is a very popular place, and we’re sure the second Jaunty Goat in Northgate Street will be too. If you’ve not been yet, it’s definitely worth a visit if you appreciate great coffee (and great decorating work!) – rumour has it their avocado toast is the best in town.

A high standard coffee shop requires high standard decorating…

Jaunty Goat coffee decorating work done by M&R Painting Contractors

We are proud and grateful to have been chosen to decorate both Jaunty Goat in Bridge Street, as well as the brand new Jaunty Goat in Northgate Street. Decorating the two coffee shops adds to our extensive experience in commercial painting and decorating. If you visit Jaunty Goat in Bridge Street and Northgate Street, you will probably adore the Scandi style interior! Trendy, low-hanging bulbs in different sizes and shapes, lots of plants and cushions adding to the “hygge” atmosphere, natural and rustic wooden features and furniture… Needless to say, it has all has been tastefully selected and combined, and we take great pleasure and pride in providing high quality decorating work to match the high standard of the coffee shops.

So, whether you’re meeting friends for that perfect cup of oat milk coffee, need a cosy spot to catch up on emails while enjoying a delicious bite to eat – we certainly recommend a visit to Jaunty Goat, whether you go fully vegan in Northgate Street or visit Jaunty Goat in Bridge Street. Although we’ll have to warn you – it might make you feel inspired to get your own Scandi style at home and have your house redecorated by McDonald Painting Contractors ;-).

Jaunty Goat decorating work by M&R Painting ContractorsRead lots more about Chester’s new vegan coffee shop here, and have a quick look at their Instagram page for inspiration.

Whether you are looking to have your living room redecorated, or have a commercial project requiring painting; get in touch with us to discuss further.

Photo credit: Jaunty Goat Coffee @jauntygoat_

Conversion of Ty Nant Surgery, Prestatyn

Work in progress: Step behind the scenes with us at Ty Nant Surgery, Prestatyn

We are currently working on a big conversion project in Prestatyn North Wales. Ty Nant Surgery is being converted to a brand new veterinary surgery; needless to say this requires a lot of work from all sorts of trades. McDonald Painting Contractors were chosen as the painting & decorating sub-contractor and we are extremely grateful for this interesting opportunity.

Have a look below for a few shots from the site; there’s still a long way to go, but with it being a well-organised conversion project we are all working together efficiently. We are seeing incredible progress in a short space of time! We are beyond excited to present the end result upon completion. There is no doubt that this soon-to-be veterinary surgery will be first class and the preferred option for any pet owners in the area.

Painter working on conversion Hallway at Ty Nant Surgery conversion Work in progress at construction site Ty Nant Surgery The conversion of Ty Nant Surgery is underway Conversion of surgery A flawless finish at Ty Nant Surgery conversion

Our painting and decorating work at Ty Nant Surgery is a great addition to our list of previous projects within the medical sector. We have previously done work at St. Cath’s Hospital, Hoylake Medical Center, Clatterbridge Hospital and The Countess of Chester. We are always looking for new opportunities!

Upcoming projects?

Alongside our work at Ty Nant Surgery we are currently undertaking many residential projects this summer too, with the weather allowing for plenty of exterior decorating work to be done. Whether you are after professional painting & decorating contractors or sub-contractors for commercial or industrial work, or looking to have your property transformed by reliable decorators with high attention to detail – get in touch with us using the form below or give us a call on 07851 113 929  to schedule an appointment for a free quotation.

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McDonald Painting Contractors at Cheshire Oaks Shopping Outlet

Recently we have been working hard at Cheshire Oaks Shopping Outlet. If you have visited lately, you may have noticed all the hoarding boards around the parking area. Hopefully you thought they were looking nice and shiny with a fresh coat of glossy paint. We have been very busy painting them!

Cheshire Oaks Shopping Outlet is expanding. McDonald Painting Contractors were chosen to help keep the area looking as nice as possible despite the on-going construction. With the amount of shoppers visiting every single day, needless to say our amazing local shopping outlet needs to be kept freshly painted and looking good all year round. We have been working both day-time as well as night-time in order to not disrupt the shopping experience.

McDonald Painting Contractors are always looking for new local projects, big or small. Helping to improve Cheshire Oaks Shopping Outlet has been an absolute pleasure. We can’t wait for the new shops to open, and hope to return to Cheshire Oaks for more painting work soon!

In the meantime, why not have a look at our Instagram page or projects gallery to see what else we’ve been up to lately?

Bathroom transformation with McDonald Painting Contractors

Found that perfect wallpaper for your bathroom? Fresh wallpaper can really transform your bathroom – or any other room in your house for that matter!

Have a look at this gorgeous bathroom transformation – one of our recent projects…

Bathroom transformation

After bathroom transformation

Small spaces don’t have to be boring. Choose your favourite wallpaper and let us give the room – big or small – character and style! Depending on the light and your chosen colours, the right wallpaper can even make the room look and feel bigger than it actually is. Don’t hesitate to ask our experts for advice to feel confident you have made the right decision, and to ensure you will be satisfied with a high quality result that will really contribute to an improvement of your home as a whole.

What makes our decorators right for the job?

Wallpapering requires very high attention to detail for that perfect finish. Our decorators are very aware of this, and that is why you can trust we will always do a good job. Our decorators are meticulous, efficient and leave no mess, to make your house project as smooth and hassle-free as possible with McDonald Painting Contractors.

Did you know we now also spray and handpaint furniture, kitchen units and cabinets? Read more about our services and view before and after pictures here.

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Time for a kitchen makeover?

Is your kitchen in need of updating? Your kitchen may not need replacing, but a kitchen makeover with McDonald Painting Contractors may be just right for you. Sometimes changing the colour or giving it a matte finish instead of the glossy finish you’ve had all along can really make a difference. If you’ve decided on a new colour for the walls, don’t let the colour of your kitchen cabinets hold you back! Go with the colour you love, and have the kitchen cabinets match with a fresh and modern look.

We are taking on more and more redecorating projects for both kitchen walls and cabinets, which gives the feeling of a brand new kitchen altogether – without having to replace the actual cabinets.

Let M&R Painting Contractors reinvent your kitchen

All you need to do is choose your colours and decide on a matte or glossy finish. You save the money you would have spent on a brand new kitchen, and avoid the hassle too. Our painters and decorators are fully trained to handpaint kitchen cabinets, and we also have the equipment to spray the kitchen units as well as any other furniture you might like to give a makeover. Curious?

Have a look at a recent kitchen makeover:

Before kitchen makeoverAfter kitchen makeover

This fresh and modern colour definitely made the kitchen look and feel brand new – a complete transformation! Get in touch with us for more information about our kitchen transformations and furniture spraying.

For more before and after pictures, take a look at our Projects Gallery and Instagram page.